Tuesday, 6 November 2007

What's in a name?

It's a human thing, we all have a name! None of us have a choice in the matter. As new born babies, we are at our most dependent.

At birth, the first question our parents will be asked is, 'What are you going to call him/her?'

Most will answer instantly because they've had quite a long time to plan. Why would you not know how you were going to name your creation??

In business, it's a bit different. The creation part is the same (you're creating a new entity) but your choices are limited by trademark issues and the increasing influence of the Internet.

This blog is being set up at 5:15am on Tuesday, 6th November 2007. If you don't write things down while they're fresh in your mind, they often vanish forever. The purpose of the blog will be to explore and discuss the opportunities presented by the Internet domain naming system.